Wesley Colford, MYA

Today was officially the last day of rehearsal for my current project, Aim for the Tangent’s Mature Young Adults, written by Wesley J. Colford, starring same & Hystericon alumnus Renee Hache (imagine, if you will, the appropriate accent marks; it’s 11:17PM & I simply haven’t the strength of will), directed by yours truly. The show’s in good shape, notwithstanding various technical snafus which simply can’t be avoided, given the hugely unhelpful Halifax Fringe staff (all of whom work unpaid, so I don’t entirely blame them), & the cast leave for Nova Scotia on Monday.

If you’re so inclined & are interested in perhaps accruing some karma, I give you this: the Mature Young Adults Indiegogo Campaign, featuring a hugely weird video of us looking like bonafide psychos.  Your donation will help us gogo.

Moreover, there is also this, an interview with Wesley by the Cape Breton Post, talking theatre, Fringe, Rehtaeh Parsons &c. A certain someone is curiously un-name-dropped. Interviewers never care about directors…Ah well. The cast are excited.


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