The Yo-Yo System in Slots

All or Nothing

You all know what a Yo-Yo is. No, I don’t mean Imus Pressit, he has an excuse – he’s a nut!

A Yo-Yo is a toy that stretches the limit of its string, all the way as far as it can go, then all the way back to the beginning. It has just two stop points.

This System has the same Theory: all or nothing. Or in simple terms, one coin or five coins. If you’re at a three-coin machine, it’s one coin or three coins.

My friend Bea Klearer is always asking me to be clearer in explaining my Theories. But even she understands the Yo-Yo. That’s because the Theory is so clear. Here are a couple of Series for a 5-coin machine, but it could also be a 3-coin machine:

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3

That’s it, that’s the whole Series, so don’t go looking for the hair on the egg, that’s all she wrote.

If You Lose, Stay at One

For instance, you start with one coin. If you lose, stay at one; lose again, stay at one; lose again, stay at one. You win, stretch it up to 5 coins; you win, stay at 5; lose, dive all the way back to one coin.

My friend Kenny Kount can’t count to 8 but after weeks of practice he has mastered 1-2-3 (the 3 was giving him trouble). Now I give him a System where he only has to remember 2 numbers (1 and 5). Because that’s the only two Levels he will touch.

Kenny Kount is delirious with joy. This yo-yo loves the Yo-Yo and I think you’ll see its worth.

If you play at a 3-coin maximum machine, the same Theory would prevail. You’d bet one coin as long as you were losing and jump to 3 coins as soon as you win.

Another win keeps you at 3 coins, while a loss makes you dive to one coin. Simple as 1-2-3. Or in the case of Kenny Kount (who can’t count) it’s as simple as 1-2.

Betting Small In Bad Times And Betting High After A Win

The Yo-Yo System in SlotsNow you skeptics are gonna wail that there ain’t no Logic to the Yo-Yo. Don’t you dare say that, before first grasping the Theory of betting small in bad times and betting high after a win.

I’ve always remembered a line that Bart Maverick (Jack Kelly) said in one of those Maverick classics.

He was talking to a banker, who asked him if he understood the new-fangled stock market. Maverick gave me a message I’ve never forgotten, as he said to the banker:

“As my old pappy used to say: Stocks is like poker, bet high when you’re winning, bet low when you’re losing.”
Maverick’s pappy did not speak with forked tongue.