Slot Charting

Looking To Catch Good Runs

We’ve already alluded to the fact that charting a Slot Machine is different from a table game for several reasons:

  1. The R.N.G. (Random Number Generator) factor;
  2. Cold Slots are idle because they are cold;
  3. Hot machines are being used because they are hot, so you can’t chart;
  4. In Craps, at a hot table, you can squeeze in and get involved with that streak;
  5. In Roulette, if your predetermined numbers are showing, you can jump in;
  6. In Blackjack, if the dealer is breaking, you can grab a stool and play against him.

Notice that charting the table games give you a chance to get involved in that game, even though other people are playing.

Not so with Slots, because only one can play a machine. So we can’t apply the same tactics. But at the same time we can’t throw out this Theory of charting, looking to catch good runs.

Charting Comes After We Start On A Machine And Not Before

There is a way around this problem and it incorporates heavier emphasis on two of the things I’ve been throwing out to you.

  1. Loss Limits
  2. Naked Pulls

With the added leaning on these two restrictions, it means our Charting comes after we start on a machine and not before.

In other words, when we take a Session amount to the machine, say $10, we have no way of knowing what the previous decisions were, so our decision to stay at that particular Slot will be made after we start playing.

In simple terms, that means our guidelines will be set with the intent of leaving that machine as soon as we see that things are not going well for us. Hence the setting up of guidelines that I already imposed a few paragraphs back, but which you have probably already forgotten.

You know I have a friend, her name is Rhea Repeet, who has a great deal of trouble remembering the things I show her. So I have to repeat and repeat a lot of things, so Rhea Repeet grasps them.

A lot of you fall into that category, so that’s why I repeat things. Especially the important things.

This is one of the important items, so for the benefit of Rhea Repeet and some others out there, I’ll repeat this move:

  1. Set Loss Limit
  2. Set Naked Pulls

Realize The Importance Of Charting

Slot ChartingYou already have had Loss Limits banged into you constantly, so you should by now realize that it is the percentage of your Session amount that is set, to limit your dollar loss.

That means you put a limit on the amount you can lose. I gave you 60% as the ultimate max, but you can drop it to 50%, 40% or even 30%.

The lower you set as your Loss Limit, the less money you’re gonna lose.

That last sentence was a mouthful. Read it 47 times. I’m sure even my friend Lee Tilhope, who has little hope of grasping my conservative Theories, can understand that message.

Naturally we’ll be going back to Loss Limits, but it’s the second restriction that I wanna elaborate on, and that’ll be the crux of the next piece.
So realize the importance of Charting and then swing over to my Theory of charting after the start of a Session, not before.