Rave review for “Mature Young Adults”!

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A rave review from Mike Anderson over at Mooney on Theatre:

“Walking into Mature Young Adults is, itself, an experience. Videofag has been transformed into an urban forest…”

 “… punches you square in the gut.”

“Colford does fine work, including some excruciatingly (and delightfully) awkward moments, but Haché steals almost everything from him, delicately underplaying a role which could easily get away from a less talented actress. The script calls for her Caitlin to be both vulnerable and assured, upstanding and spineless, and she executes these contortions masterfully.”

“Director Alexander Offord also leaves a distinctive fingerprint. As he recognizes in his director’s notes, this show needs a light touch, a soft focus, an emphasis on gentle suggestion and easing-in, since the alternative would involve beating the audience over the head. (“LOVE THESE CHARACTERS! AREN’T THEY CUTE!”) He delivers exactly that–something far more challenging than many of us realize, but every bit as successful as it was in his earlier Hystericon.”

“…a sound basis for future work both on this show in particular and by this company.”

Still five shows left! Get your tickets at TOTix!

  • Friday Nov. 22 @ 8:00PM
  • Saturday Nov. 23 @ 4:00PM
  • Saturday Nov. 23 @ 8:00PM
  • Sunday Nov. 24 @ 4:00PM
  • Sunday Nov. 24 @ 8:00PM

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