News round-up for 24.08.2013.

1. Israel

  • Tel Aviv has recently announced the creation of racially segregated kindergarten, designed apparently for Israeli citizens of “sub-Saharan African” descent (ie., Sudanese, Eritreans, &c) after many of the city’s Jewish parents threatened to remove their children from school rather than have them intermingle.

2. Egypt

  • Canadian citizens John Greyson and Tarek Loubani, still detained in a prison in Cairo wthout charge, are apparently in “good health in spirits” according to a lawyer who recently visited them. There is no indication they will be released any time soon.
  • An interesting on-the-ground report from Egypt from The Guardian: here.

3. Climate Change

  • A haunting new report on global warming, written by Canadians, to be released imminently by the UN.
  • The UN’s Intergoverment Panel on Climate Change to release a report reccommending that African nations prepare for “extreme weather.”

4. Surveillance

5. Nigerian food crisis

  • Conflict in Nigeria between government forces & jihadist group Boko Haram has led to a severe food crisis. More here

6. Ontario

  • Information commissioner Ann Cavoukian tables a 35-page condemnation of the Liberal Party, claiming they knowingly deleted emails related to the¬†scrapping of two gas plants

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