News round-up for 28.08.2013. (update)

1. Tasers

  • The Canadian Civil Liberties Association releases a statement in response to the Ontario government’s plan to expand the use of tasers among police. The statement calls for funds to expandd de-escalation training, as opposed to new weapons.

2. Syria

  • The  Nation‘s Phyllis Bennis has a fantastic piece this morning making the case against military intervention.
  • The website of The New York Times was hacked yesterday; the so-called “Syrian Electronic Army” has taken credit.
  • For perspective, a blog written by an actual Syrian revolutionary, & why he opposes Western intervention.

3. Fukushima

  • The severity of Japan’s nuclear facility’s leak has been upgraded by the country’s nuclear regulator.

4. Surveillance

  • Evidence that the US government bugged the UN has damaged American relations with other countries, particularly Germany.

5. Quebec

  • The PQ government unveils a new, bigoted “Values Charter”: here.


  • In an historic ruling, the Ontario Supreme Court ruled that the Canadian mining company Hudbay Minerals could be held liable for massive human rights abuses at its mine in Guatemala, including the assassination of community organizer Adolfo Ich Chaman.

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