News round-up for 23.08.2013

1. Fish Lake mining disaster

  • A follow up to the story concerning Professor John Stockner’s haunting remarks at the public hearings for the New Prosperity mine in BC. The primary victim of the mine would be Fish Lake, known for it’s plenty of rainbow trout. This is from the article posted on MiningWatch Canada’s website:


  • A backgrounder on Fish Lake & the mine is available here.

2. Global surveillance

  • The ACLU’s Ben Wizener has a great op-ed this morning about the sentencing of whistleblower Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning. The most salient sentence in the piece is:

Those who expose misconduct should not be punished more severely than those who engage in misconduct.” – Ben Wizener, ACLU

  • DemocracyNow’s Amy Goodman gives a great commentary on recent events w/r/t government surveillance here.
  • Is the UK government leaking its own information in an attempt to discredit Edward Snowden? Glenn Greenwald thinks so.

3. Fracking

  • Good piece on the dangers of fracking, & its deleterious effects on potable water in the Great Lakes.

4. Syria

  • Estimates for the death toll in yesterday’s chemical weapons attack in Syria yesterday range from 500 to 1400. (Is it crass to have ads on a video that shows images of dead children? I leave that for you to decide.)
  • This article ask an interesting questions w/r/t who is actually responsible for the attacks, the regime, or the rebels? It seems odd that the regime would engage in exactly the kind of activity which would precipitate foreign intervention when this is its primary fear. This isn’t to say they are not responsible, but a healthy skepticism might be warranted.
  • An American journalist, Matthew Schrier, claims he was held in prison & tortured for a period of seven months at the hands of a jihadi rebel faction.

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