New round-up for 20.08.2013

1. NSA Wiretapping scandal, Glenn Greenwald, & the Guardian

  • In the wake of journalist Glenn Greenwald’s publication of article based on the leaks of whistleblower Edward Snowdene, the British government used a bizarre terrorism clause called “Schedule 7” to justify the 9-hour detention of Greenwald’s partner David Miranda, as well as the confiscation of his cellphone, laptop, & USB sticks. Miranda & Greenwald have launched legal action against the British government. US officials deny any involvement.
  • Meanwhile, Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger claims that British intelligence agents forced him to physically destroy the computers containing Snowden’s leaked documents. Rusbridger says The Guardian will continue to publish stories based on the documents, but “not from London.”

2. Egypt

  • The Muslim Brotherhood’s leader Mohammed Badie has been arrested┬áin his home in Cairo by the military authorities. There is no word on whether he has been charged with any particular crime, or if he will be.

3. Stephen Harper prorogues parliament…again

  • Predictably, the ugly precdent set by the last prorogation is being followed to its logical conclusion.

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