Necessary Angel Theatre Company recommends “The Hystericon”

In act of almost unbelievable kindness & grace, the Necessary Angel Theatre Company (who are easily one of the best companies in the country, & certainly the only meaningful one doing work that might be called avant-garde) has recommended The Hystericon as a show-to-see this year at the Fringe.

From their Facebook page:

Here’s an interesting-looking piece at the Fringe Festival. Love the name of the company. Nice shout out to DFW. Very important themes being explored in what looks to be a highly theatrical production. Break legs!

NATC is headed by Jennifer Tarver (Artistic Director), who directed what’s now become the benchmark Canadian production of Waiting for Godot. Alumni include Daniel Brooks & Richard Rose, previous productions include Howard Barker’s The Europeans. ’nuff said.

Moving into the theatre to light the thing tomorrow. Then opening.  Gulp. Gimme a drink, quick…

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