Naked Pulls and Naked Numbers

They Are Both Stopgaps

You know by now that they are both stopgaps that stop you from losing for long periods at any one machine.

The Loss Limits is the mandatory base and then comes additional keys that cut your losses. But you gotta know which is which:

Naked Pulls: When you start a Session, this is the number you set for consecutive losses to signal your leaving that machine. That number should be between 7 or 14 pulls. You decide which number makes you the most comfortable.

Naked Numbers: When you play any system that calls for a long amount of plays at any certain Level, the idea is to reduce the number of pulls at that amount so as not to get hurt. For instance, you have a Series that reads:


You set a Naked number of 4, which means if you are playing four coins at a time and you get 4 empty pulls, you drop down to the next lowest amount and play 3 coins for ten straight pulls. If you had four Naked Pulls at the three-coin insertion, you go down to 2 coins, even though 2 coins was not a part of your Series.

A Certain Amount of Pulls Where You Get No Returns

Naked Pulls and Naked NumbersGo back over these explanations until you’re positive how to use them. You don’t gotta be a genius to understand Naked Pulls: that’s a certain amount of pulls where you get no returns.

Suppose you preset 8 pulls. The instant 8 straight blank pulls is completed, you’re gone.

My ex-friend Ed E. Ott asks: “Suppose I’m not pulling the handle, just pressing the button to activate the wheels. Does that count?”

The scary part about this idiot is that he asks that question in all seriousness. Or maybe people like him just like the sound of their own voices asking dumb questions.

A Conservative Approach to Gambling

With the Naked Number Theory, it is an excellent tool which allows you to stay at a certain machine, but gives you a chance to drop to a lower bet. If you’re losing with putting in 4 coins, for example, this gets you to drop to three-coin plays. If you lost 4 times in a row any time during the three-coin play, drop down to two-coin plays.

Just be sure you keep an eye tuned into your Loss Limits and Naked Pulls which signal the end of that Session.

I live and die by the application of Discipline and a conservative approach to gambling. Naked Pulls and Naked Numbers are powerful keys.

Please get to understand them, and pretty please use them.

In fact, pretty please with sugar and whipped cream on it.