Hey Folks…

It’s 9:12PM on Mother’s Day, 2013. I’m convalescent, a half-bottle of cheap bubbly making plaintive grunts from my gut, where it’s intermingling with the avocado, toast, & Advil extra strength. Life under these conditions isn’t all bad. At least I’m no longer contending with the rhinovirus that’s been playing Hungry Hungry Hippos with my sinuses for the past few days.

Beyond the gates of solipsism & unseasonal colds, the world turns. Marie Myung Ok-Lee, writing on Slate.com, has a special report on the noble origins of Mother’s Day, & it’s sad decline:

…what do I want for Mothers Day? How about if all people who were birthed of a mother take just sixty seconds to think about how we live now, and what would be a better, life-giving way to live tomorrow. In the midst of obligatory, individual celebrations, why not to take the time to speak with others, or at least in spirit, join in with [Mother’s Day founder Julia] Ward Howe’s ambitious vision.

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone.