Online Gambling Is All About Being a Winner

This will cover the Big 4 in online gambling. It is imperative that you have every one of these things in mind to have a chance of winning.

Online Gambling Is All About Being a WinnerYou should know by now what the Big 4 is:

  1. Bankroll
  2. Knowledge of the Game
  3. Money Management
  4. Discipline

Even if you know all of the above, your chances of winning at online gambling is still only 50-50. So can you imagine how bad off you’d be if you lacked three or even two of the Big 4?

There are people who lack all 4. They may as well send the money to the online casino for all the chance they have of winning at online gambling.


This is where it begins: This is where it starts. You set aside an amount of money that you will bring to battle and that money is called your Bankroll.

You can’t take a short Bankroll to battle or else your every move will be affected. But the money you do take is your own Bankroll. It could be $100 or $300 or $3,000. Whatever the amount, that keys the bets you will make.

Knowledge of the Game

You gotta be perfect in the game you play. I didn’t say good or pretty good or even very good. I said you gotta be PERFECT GOOD and don’t think that because you’re playing slots, there isn’t a bushel of things to know. There are plenty of things to fill your head and they’ll help in teaching you how to win.

Money Management

The absolute necessity to successful online gambling. MONEY MANAGEMENT is simply “What do you bet when you Win? What do you bet when you lose?” Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, if you have Money Management, you got a leg up on being a winner. If you don’t got Money Management, you may as well use your leg to kick yourself in the butt for not having it. We’ll be going deep, deeper, and deepest into Money Management later.


And then we get to the meat of online gambling. It’s Discipline and it takes a lot of guts to exploit Discipline in the casino. Most people can’t even spell it, let along practice it. But the day you get Discipline, your whole world of online gambling will change. I guarantee you won’t go back to your silly way of playing.

There you have the Big 4. Again I emphasize that if you lack even one of them, you’re gonna get whacked.

Online Gambling Is All About Being a Winner